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Licensing content from PureWow is a high-Impact and cost-effective way to engage and influence your market. Leverage the power of PureWow’s brand by licensing an Editors’ Pick logo or impactful article that will add value and credibility that speaks directly to your customers.

Logo licensing is one of the fastest growing formats for digital marketing. A logo is easily recognizable, quickly resonates with your audience, and adds credibility to your brand. Logos can be used in all of your marketing and advertising efforts including your website, email communications, printing marketing collateral, product packaging, and in-store displays.

Quoted licensing is another growing format for digital marketing. A third-party making a positive statement loud and clear about you company, product, or service is a great way to speak to your audience.

For a single-use of article text only photos/images, we grant permission for use in textbooks, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, exams, TV documentaries, films, presentations, and directly on your website.

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